Hello, world! :v

Hello, internet buddies! Agent Ottsel here (a.k.a. Renan, if you’ve met me offline)!

Welcome to my game development blog! I’m interested in all fields of game creation – concept art, 3D modeling, animation, game design, music, and of course, coding, which is my specialty! In fact, I’m a game programmer not only at work, but also at home.

240 days ago, I started a habit of getting something done in Unreal Engine 4 every day. I had already used Unreal before and been a fan of the engine for a very long time, but I was tired of not having enough free time for my projects and decided to MAKE my own free time instead.

Oh, look! It’s me in my human shell! You can also see a small fraction of my game collection (I prefer to buy games digitally most of the time). :v

The time I spend in Unreal is usually split between learning new things and experimenting with game mechanics, whether it’s taking an existing game mechanic and adding my own twist to it, like a 3D version of Bash from Ori and the Blind Forest, or something brand new, like a car with two steering wheels (one for each axle), that you control by rotating the analog sticks like actual steering wheels.

I will use this blog to showcase my creations as I work on them, while also giving insights on how certain things work and the solutions I came up with. I hope that you will find my posts entertaining and fun!

PS: I really like puns, so I apologize in advance. :v

Here’s how you can contact me:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/renanfalmeida/

Twitter: AgentOttsel

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